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Top 5 Slot Machines that a Soccer Fan Like You Would Love!

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According to the World Atlas, soccer is the most popular sports with 4 billion fans all over the world. The competition, with its significant tournaments and world matches, never fails to gather people from all walks of life, yet the games are made exciting by excellent players from different countries. Because it is an all-time favourite, it has built its way into our slot machines, and it’s there to stay.
Now, what is an online slot machine? You may be familiar with its classic version, the ones you find in actual casinos such as the one you can find at canadiangamblingchoice. It works the same way, but it has way better graphics, more pay lines, and a lot more things you can do with the online version. If you love both soccer and slot machines, you will be glad to find out that we have here the list of the top best soccer slot machines.

1. Top Trump World Football Stars
The first in our list is the game developed by Playtech. The game starts with you picking two teams from several major football-playing countries. What sets this apart from others is the fact that it’s so easy to manoeuvre. You’d appreciate how the UI makes it so easy for you to control the variables of the game. The slots are also large enough that it’s guaranteed that you’ll see everything that’s happening.

2. Football: Champions Cup
Developed by NetEnt, this game is remarkable for its excellent graphics and audio effects. It starts with you picking a national team and may end with you winning up to 400,000 coins. There are also bonus features that give you more chance to increase your earnings. What you have to look out for in these games are the Wild and Over Wilds which can help you improve your combos. Your ranking will determine how many times your stake will be multiplied as your final winnings.

3. Benchwarmer Football Girls
Another game developed by Playtech, this game boasts featuring hot women on the benches. This slot machine garnered criticism for being sexist. However, it’s way more than meets the eye as the game consists of so many options regarding betting and prizes. It is a game that’s played in 5 reels, 30 pay lines, and three rows. There are also bonus features the players are going to enjoy.

4. Goool !!
This slot machine game is notable for adhering to the classics by featuring only free spins and one wild. However, this is the main reason why a lot of players are still going back to it no matter how many online slot machines come out. It’s not complicated, it’s pure fun, but it can even give you a great deal of money. Visit parhaatkasinosivut to play for free, the site offers one free game! You won’t want to miss it.

5. Foxin Wins Football Fever
If you are looking for something new but you’re still attached to soccer, this is the right game for you. It combines the fun of a fox, and the excitement of the usual soccer slot machine has such bonus features, free spins, and Wilds.

There are many soccer slot machines that you can find over the internet. The five we have listed are among the best we’ve encountered. Make use of this list, and you will surely have fun and get a lot of money.…